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Booky and the Secret Santa

Attending the annual Santa Claus parade with her family, Booky Thomson (Rachel Marcus) is delighted when Santa waves and offers her a cheery “hello!” To be singled out by the city’s beloved Parade Santa is a thrill for the 10-year-old and surely a sign of good things to come.

But a few days later, Booky’s father (Stuart Hughes) is laid off and, with no money for a fancy dinner or presents, the Thomson family find themselves facing a rather bleak Christmas. To help out, Booky takes a job at her aunt’s nut store, where she meets and befriends a wealthy department store owner (Kenneth Welsh) who, after a chance remark, Booky becomes convinced is the Parade Santa. Though he denies the claim, the kind businessman does everything he can to help Booky give her family a perfect Christmas.

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