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Sarah White will reprise her role as ‘Willa’, from Booky and the Secret Santa, in Booky’s Crush.

As far back as she can remember, Sarah wanted to be an actress. She jumped in with both feet, performing in many school, local community and church productions.

Sarah turned professional at the age of 17. She played the title role in the independent short film Teenage Girl, which debuted at The Toronto International Film Festival this year. Sarah has appeared in numerous commercials in both Canada and the United States, including IKEA, JC Penny, and others. She has appeared on the TV show Life with Derek, and also in the TV series The Border. Sarah continues to expand her acting career, branching out into the voice-over world.

In addition to her acting career, Sarah is studying political science at the University of Toronto.

Working on Booky’s Crush has been an incredible learning experience for Sarah, who’s grateful to have been given the opportunity to work again with such an amazing cast.

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