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Emilia McCarthy as:


Lucky and unique, London Ontario born, 11 year old Emilia has known her passion even before becoming a teenager. Her passions are acting and modeling and to her credit she has been able to pursue “her call in life” as she refers to it.

She is fluent in French, Spanish and English and her life experiences have allowed her to switch “culture modes” effortlessly.

She participated in the movie Babel a Golden Globes Best Picture. She played “Debbie” Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchet’s daughter. She shared the role with Elle Fanning. This was a 6 weeks experience filming in Mexico but the memories will last a life time.

She published her first book at 7 years old, a children’s picture book titled Baby’s Wish. The book was born from her idea about what she experienced in her Mom’s womb. Her Dad helped her to create that idea into the book. The story and illustrations are all Emilia’s.

She played the role of Laura for the CBC TV movie Booky and the Secret Santa and most recently Booky’s Crush.

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